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查塔努加’s strong infrastructure, workforce 和 quality of life has attracted a wide range of businesses in mobile 企业家, 分布 和 运输 companies, 高端办公业务, 食品加工制造.

What services are offered at the 查塔努加 office?

Our 查塔努加 team works in a variety of industries including manufacturing 和 分布s, 建设, 房地产, 非营利性, 和医疗, 仅举几个例子. We have licensed CPAs 和 other professionals in tax, 审计, 企业估值, 诉讼支持, 医疗保健 consulting 和 compliance, 风险服务, 人力资源, 招聘和更多. We can support all LBMC services in this office. If you are looking for a 查塔努加 CPA, see 明升体育app下载服务清单 如需更多资料,请浏览 明升体育app下载.

LBMC Names 妮可Jeppesen 查塔努加 Market Leader



Promotions Reinforce Firm’s Expertise 和 Focus on Serving Growing Client Base

LBMC, a top accounting 和 business consulting firm in the Southeast 和 nation, 很高兴地宣布 妮可Jeppesen, Shareholder, as leader of the firm’s 查塔努加 market.

Jeppesen joined LBMC in 2015 和 has more than 18 years of experience in public accounting, focusing on tax compliance 和 planning for high net worth individuals 和 families, their related investment entities 和 trusts, 和 closely held businesses 和ir owners. Prior to taking on the 查塔努加 Market Leader role, Jeppesen served as leader of LBMC’s 查塔努加 tax practice.

The leadership announcement follows the promotions of 史蒂夫。托马森珍妮特的邻居 to Managing Director,  the retirement of 丹尼斯·布兰顿expansion of the LBMC 查塔努加 High Net Worth team to meet the growing needs of clients in the 查塔努加 market 和 across the region.

LBMC’s 查塔努加 office serves middle market business clients in the manufacturing & 分布, 运输, 医疗保健, 还有房地产空间, as well as high net worth families 和 business owners, 其中很多是几代人以前的. In addition to tax 和 审计 advisory services, LBMC’s 查塔努加 office has local professionals specializing in 交易咨询服务 as well as professionals representing LBMC就业伙伴.

“I am honored to step into the 查塔努加 Market Leader role 和 look forward to continue building relationships while educating the 查塔努加 community on the wide range of solutions 和 services that LBMC offers,杰普森说. “作为客户值得信赖的顾问, I enjoy nothing more than helping them with the challenges they face in their current financial affairs 和 planning for their futures. I am excited to be a part of the momentum in 查塔努加, making connections with advisors 和 leaders in the community in order to problem solve for our clients 和 serve as a partner in the region’s growth.”

作为注册会计师,杰普森持有学士学位.A. from Eastern Michigan University 和 attended San Francisco 状态 University’s Graduate Program in 会计 和 Business 政府. 在田纳西州住了20年, Jeppesen is active in the 查塔努加 community 和 is involved in many professional 和 civic organizations, 包括Girls Inc. 查塔努加的, The Hunter Museum Chairman’s Circle, The Estate Planning Council 查塔努加的, 查塔努加税务从业人员, Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) 和 查塔努加 Women’s Leadership Institute (CWLI).

“As leader 查塔努加的’s tax practice 和 an expert with unmatched experience 和 strong relationships, Nicole has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to our clients, colleagues 和 查塔努加 community. We look forward to seeing our 查塔努加 office 和 LBMC’s partners continue to thrive under her leadership,首席执行官说。 杰夫·德拉蒙德.

LBMC Names 克里斯蒂娜•爱德华兹 Shareholder



Promotion Follows Market Leader Announcement, Adding to Firm’s 查塔努加 Leadership Team

 LBMC, a top accounting 和 business consulting firm in the Southeast 和 nation, 很高兴宣布这个消息吗 克里斯蒂娜•爱德华兹 has been named Shareholder in the firm’s 审计 division. Edwards’ promotion follows the announcement of 妮可Jeppesen as LBMC 查塔努加 Market Leader in 2023, adding to the robust leadership team serving the firm’s rapidly growing client base in the 查塔努加 market.

Clients’ 审计ing needs in 2024 are being reshaped by regulatory changes, 技术进步, 和 a heightened focus on corporate transparency. Edwards is well-versed in a spectrum of skills that go beyond number-crunching, something vital for companies as they navigate this complex terrain.

Edwards joined LBMC in 2007 和 has 21 years of experience providing 审计 services 和 financial solutions to companies in a variety of industries, with a focus on manufacturing 和 分布, 服务行业, 私人股本, 非营利性组织, 以及员工福利计划. She has extensive expertise providing consulting services in change-of-control transactions 和 internal controls, with an in-depth underst和ing of complex topics around GAAP 和 GAAS. Edwards has longst和ing relationships across the 查塔努加 business community.

LBMC’s 查塔努加 office serves middle market business clients in the manufacturing & 分布, 运输, 房地产, 医疗保健领域, as well as high net worth families 和 business owners. Edwards’ promotion to shareholder further strengthens LBMC’s commitment not only to the firm’s current clients, but also serving the entire business community across the 查塔努加 market.

注册会计师和中情局, Edwards holds a Master of Accountancy 和 BBA from the University of Tennessee, 查塔努加. She serves on the 会计 咨询 Council of the University of Tennessee, 查塔努加 和 is a Tennessee Society of Public Accountants Council Member. Edwards is a founding Board Member of the LBMC关爱基金会.

“Congratulations to Christina on this outst和ing achievement,” said 吉姆·米德, CEO 和 Managing Shareholder, LBMC PC. “Christina is viewed by her clients as a trusted advisor, 还有她的技术专长, she is the ideal complement to 查塔努加 market leader 妮可Jeppesen. Christina’s significant experience in public accounting comes with her fresh perspective on the issues we face as well as her leadership skills 和 commitment to recruiting, 培训, 培养未来的领导者.”


查塔努加 is located in East Tennessee, along the Tennessee River bordering Georgia. 查塔努加 blends the “Big City” amenities with the “Small Town” ease of living with friendly residents, moderate housing costs 和 easy commuting with cultural 和 recreation opportunities that rival those in a large metropolitan area. When not in the office LBMC employees soak in some 查塔努加’s impressive nature l和scapes including breathtaking mountain vistas.


Nestled along the banks of the Tennessee River 和 surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, 查塔努加 offers a unique blend of natural beauty 和 urban charm. Our office’s downtown location in the Liberty Tower Building allows our team to enjoy the convenience of city life while being just a stone’s throw away from outdoor adventures. From hiking trails to water sports, 查塔努加 provides a backdrop that perfectly complements our dedication to professional excellence.


查塔努加 has transformed into a hub for innovation 和 growth, attracting a diverse range of industries. As part of this thriving community, LBMC 查塔努加 is proud to contribute to the city’s economic vibrancy. With a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional professional services, our team plays a vital role in supporting local businesses, 企业家, 和 organizations as they navigate complex challenges 和 seize new opportunities.


At LBMC 查塔努加, our services extend far beyond numbers 和 financial statements. 我们是您成功的伙伴, working closely with you to achieve your business 和 financial goals. Whether you’re in need of expert tax advice, 综合审计服务, 战略企业估值, or specialized 医疗保健 consulting, our team of licensed CPAs 和 professionals is equipped with the knowledge 和 experience to guide you every step of the way.

Experience Excellence in Every Interaction

We believe that excellence should be the st和ard in everything we do. From the moment you walk through our doors to the final resolution of your financial matters, you can expect nothing less than top-notch service. Our commitment to excellence is not only reflected in our industry expertise but also in our dedication to underst和ing your unique needs 和 tailoring our solutions to ensure your success.

Join the Thriving Business Community

查塔努加作为最佳居住地” is a testament to the robust business realm that calls it home. 作为LBMC查塔努加, we take immense pride in being an inseparable part of this tapestry, channeling our talents 和 insights to nurture commercial growth. Whether you’re a local trailblazer or a corporation aiming to establish roots in 查塔努加, our team st和s steadfast to furnish the counsel 和 backing you need to thrive in this dynamic l和scape. For deeper insights into working 和 residing in 查塔努加, explore the 查塔努加商会.


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