LBMC医师业务解决方案(LBMC PBS), 明升体育app下载专家为您节省能源, expense and aggravation by providing critical business processes that take precious time away from practicing medicine. Our revenue cycle services are unique in the industry as they provide a comprehensive solution that includes payor enrollment, 的认证, 计费, A/R management and robust reporting that work in concert with other managed service organization (MSO) service lines.


MSO医疗保健公司, 比如LBMC, offer pain-free solutions for physicians and mid-level providers. 明升体育app下载激光专家为您节省能源, expense and aggravation by providing fundamental business processes that take precious time away from growing your organization and practicing medicine.

As a partner in LBMC’s 管理服务组织 (“MSO”), we offer a turnkey or a la carte arrangement with access to comprehensive services run by award-winning professionals who support your practice in the most efficient and cost-effective way. 作为MSO医疗保健公司, our MSO services are unique in the industry as they provide a comprehensive solution that includes revenue cycle, 人力资源/ PEO, 会计服务, 采购, IT support and medical practice consulting–all outsourced.

You get seamlessly integrated support – all conveniently outsourced. Plus, extra time to focus on patients and other medical matters.




Independent medical practices and hospital/health system-based medical providers are in need of greater support, 资源和专业知识. LBMC’s Single Source MSO is laser-focused on the basic services that healthcare organizations need to be successful. 我们提供全套的外包资源, educational products and services to meet your practice needs efficiently and effectively.

Our clients will receive an MSO service package tailored to their specific needs. Practices can select from a turnkey or a la carte menu of business solutions to include 计费, 人力资源/ PEO, 会计与咨询. LBMC Single Source MSO also provides a wide array of additional services to include tax, 增长战略, 财富管理, IT咨询, 以及其他相关事项.


  • 金融 & 会计服务
  • 人力资源:人力资源外包(HRO)
  • 人力资源:PEO服务
  • 医师执业管理 Consulting/ 行政监督
  • 医师实践收入周期解决方案
  • 采购服务
  • 资讯科技支援服务


  • 编码 & 合规
  • 信息安全
  • 合并策划及促进
  • 实践启动/开发服务
  • 实践结构 & 治理咨询
  • 战略规划和实践评估
  • 税务及会计服务
  • 技术解决方案
  • 财富管理服务


没有什么能免除医生的责任, mid-level providers and their staff by partnering with LBMC PBS and handing over the time-consuming revenue cycle management procedures (索赔处理, 否认/基于“增大化现实”技术的管理, 病人计费 , 等.). 凭借我们深厚的医疗保健经验和专业知识, 我们处理索赔处理的艰巨任务, 月底功能, 患者账单和付款处理, 举几个例子. Our comprehensive partnered services are performed by highly accredited professionals and customized to meet your needs. Equally cost-effective and efficient – these services save you time, energy and aggravation. And you’ll enjoy the freedom to be able to focus on medicine and other important matters.

收入周期管理服务 for Physician Practices

  • 第三方索赔处理, 被拒索赔管理, A/R跟踪和患者责任计费服务.
  • 付款人登记, 资格审查维护 and 许可 服务.
  • 每月报表和应收帐款结清服务.


LBMC PBS understands the frustrating but necessary process of 的认证, health insurance enrollment and licensing requirements for healthcare providers when managing a practice, setting up a new practice and/or bringing on a new physician or provider. As a participating provider in a third-party insurance company’s preferred network, you will have the opportunity to grow your practice and expand your patient base. 认证是一项耗时的工作, 冗余, and frustrating process and can create additional headaches should any mistakes be made in the process. We can handle any and all commercial and governmental payors no matter how complex.

While a busy medical practice staff could process the paperwork or try to hire a staffer who is familiar with health insurance enrollment and 的认证, 节省时间, 钱, 通过与LBMC PBS合作, 专业认证服务. The 的认证 service experts at LBMC PBS  become part of your 团队 through our partnership with you thus enabling you and your 团队 to focus on your patients and growing the practice rather than worrying about paperwork and deadlines.

Our 的认证 service experts know the health insurance enrollment and 的认证 process requirements in most US states, making us highly efficient and effective at providing this service. We also provide on-going 的认证 maintenance and licensing services to maintain provider in-network status thus reducing any impediments that might create cash flow issues.


  • 付款人登记
  • 资格审查维护
  • 许可


We have in-depth experience in the healthcare industry, with medical practices being our specialty. We consolidate our talents from LBMC Family to fulfill your every acronym––from RCM to MSO to HR to IT to EMR. All delivered efficiently and cost-effectively with an eye to your bottom line. 赋予领导力竞争优势, our 行政监督 services assess operations and provide on-call access for issues that arise. 我们要扑灭大火, 运行数据并提供技术支持, 在你最需要的时候提供财务或其他方面的专业知识. It’s comprehensive and customized support that cares for physicians like no one else can.


  • Administrative oversight services to support practice leadership
  • RCM和认证服务
  • 企业合规包括教育和培训




What sets successful medical practices apart in the global health care industry from the others who may be falling behind? 在这个不断发展的行业, providers share the common goal of helping patients have a better quality of life. To achieve that goal, it’s necessary to focus on quality patient care and the bottom line. When reviewing practice resources, your most limited resource is time. There are only so many hours to see patients, so it’s essential to maximize that time. 以下是成功的实践所关注的五个方面.

1. 战略规划

A strategic plan involves developing a vision for the practice and determining how to achieve that vision. 这些计划概述了程序, 优先级, and action items that will help a practice meet those goals. 但计划本身是不够的. Better-performing medical practices take the time to evaluate the plan and to follow it. 战略计划也应每年更新一次.

2. 新的合作模式

Resources should be dedicated to staying abreast of new affiliation models. This research can be done through internal resources or consultants. It’s important to stay on top of the newest models in horizontal (single specialty) and vertical (hospital and health systems) spaces. The industry is seeing a lot of single specialty roll-ups via 私募股权公司 以及市场的整合, as well as collaborative care modeling via joint ventures with hospitals and health systems. Keeping up-to-date with what is happening in the industry is vital.

3. 外包的机会

Successful practices are seeing greater ROI from outsourcing some of the core service functions like 计费, 的认证, 财务/会计, 人力资源管理, 采购, 收入周期. This approach allows them to access experts who are solely focused on enhancing the overall operational and financial performance. 支持性职位的就业前景,比如 医疗帐单和编码专家 以每年11%的速度增长. Outsourcing these fundamental services lets the physicians concentrate on caring for patients, enables leadership to focus on practice growth and strategic initiatives and leaves the back office functions to the specialists.

4. 文化

Medical practices that exhibit a culture where both physicians and staff are more productive and provide incentives for optimal productivity, compliance and quality initiatives tend to achieve better financial performance. Hiring (or outsourcing) the very best staff will provide a solid foundation for growth and patient satisfaction. These practices are seeking to continuously improve and update their compensation models to reflect the aforementioned key components in addition to enhancing their ability to recruit/retain new providers. They also tend to create attractive incentive and rewards models for practice leadership and staff. A successful practice maintains a culture focused on compliance and improvement of all aspects of the organization (最佳实践, 团队, 技术, 设施, 和顾问). It invests in the resources needed to optimize quality, compliance and productivity. This kind of culture is not achieved by a simple yearly meeting, but a focus on implementing these ideas as a culture shift and focus.

5. IT解决方案

技术 has been a key focus in medical practices for years, and it’s only getting more important. Successful practices proactively utilize IT solutions to meet demand. Most practices successfully pivoted to Telehealth 技术 to continue providing care during the pandemic. 进一步, the IT environment enables most ancillary equipment to be interfaced with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. 任何时候,实践都可以自动执行手动功能(例如.e. printing a spirometer study report that will need to be scanned into the EMR), 它提高了整体效率. IT brings constant opportunities for improvement to medical practices, and the most successful ones keep up with the latest 技术.

医疗保健行业正在迅速变化. 技术创新, 最佳实践, and operations open new doors that allow medical practices to better serve patients in a timely and productive manner. High-performing practices focus on key areas of opportunity and growth in order to stay on top of the newest trends, 保持组织, 并保持质量和合规的文化. These practices think, organize, and operate efficiently and strategically.



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